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  • Mommy is making your bed and then a blowjob fantasy custom video

    Mommy is making your bed and then… a blowjob.


    It is hot today so I have put on some sexy clothing.
    I’m cleaning up your bedroom.
    Then you walk into your room and see me.
    You get excited to see Mommy in sexy clothing.
    I can see your hard cock under your shorts.
    When coming to you I ask do you find Mommy attractive?
    I touch your firm cock through your shorts and rub it.
    Then I slowly pull down your shorts.
    I kneel down and start kissing and licking your cock.
    And tell you how nice it looks, Mommy sucks your stiff cock.
    You fill Mommy’s warm mouth with a big load of your sperm.
    Then I send you away Mommy is not ready with your room yet.